Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Campaign Update 4/26/11

So we're finally converted over to www.ourbattletech.com/hexare and things are in full swing.  I just wanted to give a brief update as to how far we've come over the course of the year and some change we've been playing.

Starting on Hexare, we've liberated (check out the sweet map): http://ourbattletech.com/obt-downloads/Hexare_Grenadiers_Operation_Thunderstrike.pdf


All the AAR's have been reformatted and reposted on OBT.  We've also started a 4 mission sequence on Warlock, which has been very interesting.  Heavy snow really changes the dynamics of the game.  Anyway, we will start having those report going up over the next few weeks. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hexare Grenadiers' Campaign Website is Now Live

Those of you who've followed us along on this journey will be pleased to know that we've completed our transition over to http://www.ourbattletech.com/ and have our own site at www.ourbattletech.com/hexare.
Please come check it out for unit profiles, detailed maps of the campaign zone, and a slew of other goodies. 

I also want to take time out to thank Knightmare, the propietor of OCT.com, without his amazing help and support, it wouldn't be possible.  Thanks again Knightmare!