Friday, July 23, 2010

RPG Podcasts - Helping Commutes and Boring Workdays One 'Cast at a Time

I'm going to diverge from my "Campaign Catch-up" posting to talk about RPG podcasts.  It is through these podcasts that I got into Battletech, even though none of the ones I listen really even talk about Battletech at all.  The beauty of RPG podcasts is that it can keep you connected to the hobby even if you don't have a gaming group at the moment.  They're great to listen to while commuting or working. 

I got into RPG podcasts while on an RPG gaming hiatus.  I had no group and was just playing EVE Online (awesome MMO) and was just learning about the game.  So I started listening to a podcast about EVE.  While I was searching, I found this site called RPGpodcasts.  This site basically accumulates all sorts of gaming podcasts into one central location. 

From this site, I found quite a few awesome podcasts.  My three favorites are Happy Jacks RPG Podcast, Fear the Boot, and Postcards from the Dungeon

Happy Jacks was my first RPG podcast.  I started listening to them literally from the beginning.  They had two episodes out when I latched on.  Probably my favorite group to just listen to their banter.  They have some great advice for new GM.  They are currently on their 3rd season.  Also, if their show gets 2,000 listeners, one of their female members will show her boobs.  So, if there wasn't already a great reason to listen, that is even more.  They do not edit their language, so keep that in mind when listen to them.

Fear the Boot is my close 2nd favorite.  This podcast has been out since May 2006 and has a ton of episodes.  They talk about anything and everything.  They have very intelligence discussions about a RPGs from both a player and GM perspectives.  They also do a lot on setting building.  The cast changes over the years, but the main guys are consistent.  The chemistry regardless of the group's dynamic is always great. 

My 3rd favorite podcast is Postcards from the Dungeon.  They are actually linked to Fear the Boot, which is how I found out about them.  Their earliest episodes are a little rocky, because there is some shift in members.  But they've really hit their stride.  They focus on how to take concepts and ideas from all sorts of media (movies, books, etc) and utilize them in your gaming.  Primarily focuses on setting and campaign creation through the use of media, but also has practical applications for PC generation.

These are just a couple of a ton of great podcasts out there.  It's sad that there's not Battletech only podcast...or well at least a current one.  Anyway, I highly recommend the above podcasts and I believe I've learned a lot about RPGs through these podcasts.  It will definitely help you in your future gaming.


  1. The only problem with Postcats is that you have to listen to/view them :P
    It takes more time than reading a blog.

    Anywway, I will try to check those three.

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  3. Thanks for the plug! Great blog, BTW.