Monday, August 9, 2010

Campaign Salvage & Future Unit Expansion Plans - Current Status - Aug. 9, 2010

So our main contract with the Capellans is weighted significantly more on salvage than on base currency (Tonnage Value).  As such, we have started to accumulate a decent amount of salvage.  Most of the time, we end up with a 'Mech who's side torso has been destroyed, critting out the XL engine.  The down side to salvage is that it ends of taking a while to repair these 'Mechs and get them in good working order.  The plus side is that it is much easier to customize a 'Mech who's missing most of their weaponry due to the side torso and arm loss.  As such, salvaged 'Mechs in our campaign seem to be a bit more heavily customized. 

Since Gei-Fu, I've acquired quite a few projects in the form of salvage.  All of the other Merc Units have their own salvage situations too, but I'm not going to delve into that.  I'm just going to talk through what I have and what I think about doing with it. 

Salvage List:
Orion ON1-M
Stealth STH-1D
Flashman FLS-8K
Trebuchet 7M

Stealth - Although I'm not a fan of the Stealth, especially the 1D, I think this 'Mech compliments my Recon lance. It moves 7/14/7 which allows it to fit in nicely.  I'm thinking of a refit such as this - Stealth 2D3.  It would serve primarily as a reserve 'Mech option for the Recon lance, deployed in hilly, mountainous, or other restrictive terrain over the Sha Yu. 

Adder - The Adder is a neat machine, but ultimately limited by is relatively small 35 tons.  It has 16 tons of pod space, but really no great options.  I'm planning on keeping this 'Mech in reserve for my Recon lance as well.  I can then customize it for specific missions such as anti-infantry or anti-vehicular combat. 

Trebuchet - I'm a fan of the Trebuchet, but not the 7M.  NARC is horrible and a huge waste of tonnage.  This particular 'Mech is really just 2 legs, a CT, a RT, and a head right now.  The plus side is I could customize it anyway I see fit.  The downside is that it's going to take a lot of work.  I'm going to have to take a hard look, but I'll probably just sell it off.  The other option is to C3 slave it. 

Orion - I like the Orion, but I don't like the NARC.  I'm considering this 'Mech as a "crit-seeker" to add to my C3 reserves - Orion Custom.  The only weapon it really keeps is the LB 10X.   But the mass MML's gives it some substance over long range, but becomes super crit-seeky once it gets up close.  Some of the other Merc Units are thinking of getting a C3 Company, and this 'Mech might be useful as a bodyguard 'Mech to a Company Command C3 Master.  Worst case, I keep it in my reserves for C3 lance.

Flashman - This is an interesting laser zombie 'Mech.  The un-CASE'ed AMS ammo really bugs me.  One shot can evaporate this guy.  I like the space the Flashman has available, but I really don't have a use for it.   Odds are I'm going to just sell it.  The only other thing I can think of would be to replace the large lasers with Snub-nosed PPCs or Plasma Rifles, just to add a little variety. 

So it looks like I'll be selling the Flashman and Trebuchet to the salvage yards for cash to refit and repair the Stealth, Adder, and Orion.  Since we just began our invasion of Brighton, I doubt any of these repairs will be finished before we finish, but there is a slight possibility if I make some good rolls to get the repairs finalized. 

Expansion Plans

Based on my last update of my Organizational Chart, it really hasn't changed a whole lot.  I have C3 Lance and a reinforced Recon lance, with some supplementary units to be used as "plug and play" units depending on the scenario.  The only additions would be the Adder, Stealth and Orion, but only once they have been repaired completely.

My main goal right now is to get my unit up to Company strength.  Additionally, I want to get a little more versatility and mobility in my unit.  So I'm thinking of a trio of Aerospace Fighters, Defiances to be exact.  I'm not an expert on ASF's at all, but the Defiance are only 55 tons, but pack 26 tons of omni-pod space for mission specific customization.  On top of that , they pack 15 tons of armor, which is pretty decent for a typical ASF.  Most likely, I would pack some combination of pulse weaponry and an LB-10X.  That gives them above average Air to Air and Air to Ground weaponry.  Additionally, depending on the mission, I could pack some ADAs or Homing Arrow IV missiles on hardpoints. 

My next step would be to add one more ASF, like a Riever or another "bomber type" ASF, that would get escorted by 2 Defiances.  Probably the 700B with the UAC 20 and massive amounts of SRMs.  This would leave the 3rd Defiance as an alternate incase one got damaged or shot down. 
At this point, I would have 3 lances to make up my Company, plus some support units.  I would have a highly mobile C3 lance that focuses on ER PPC, LRM and Gauss sniping.  A very fast and mobile recon lance supported by Arrow IV, and a ASF trio that would be mission specific customized as needed.  The flexibility and mobility of my forces is going to play a huge roll later on, when we get to planet's where we might be fighting on multiple fronts simultanously.  Meaning, each week will be a different battle, but all battles will be taking place from a game prospective at that same, or similar times.  The more mobile, the better odds you can re-adjust as needed.


  1. They are Defiance and not Definance :P
    For your plans, it depends on the state of your different 'Mechs: a Flashman without AMS could work.

    And your appreciation of the Puma is wrong.
    A true Omni will bring you increased flexibility: do not think you have to take one of the existing Configurations, you are free to do as you want (and even to use Inner Sphere weapons or a mix).

  2. Opps! I corrected the spelling. The Flashman isn't bad. I just used it a few times in MegaMek and just didn't really like it. I might just repair it and see if a need comes up later. And yes, the Puma/Adder isn't horrible. But I'm stuck with only Inner Sphere weaponry so it doesn't make it as sexy as it could be. Thanks for the comments as usually! Glad to see at least a few people like reading my blog.

  3. On the Stealth - I rolled a STH-2D2 on the RAT when I kicked off the Jihad Chaos Campaign, and it's been pretty darn handy. It's fast, mobile and sturdy enough to act as a TAG spotter/back stabber/area controller even under quite a lot of fire. If I can figure out how to get a C3 slave on board I'll be laughing...

    NARC thoughts - mostly it's pointless, but a Lance equipped to use it is actually quite handy. A point mech to NARC each enemy unit, everyone else loads up the racks with homing missiles and frees up the tonnage you would ahve used on Art-IV. Of course it's even better with iNARC (to hit bonus? No need for a spotter for indirect fire? yes please!). Just a shame the mechs its deployed on are usually the wrong ones!